Start your Peace Corps journey with an on-demand web event


Explore the possibilities of Peace Corps service! Get your questions answered by viewing an on-demand web event. If you’re interested in talking to a Peace Corps recruiter face to face, use this tool to find a local representative, or search for an in-person event in your town.

Panel Event: Stories from Female Returned Volunteers Discover the benefits and experience of Peace Corps service through the lens of three female returned Volunteers who served in Armenia, Madagascar and the Philippines. Watch as they describe how their service changed them and how it could possibly change you. Hear inspirational moments from our panelists about increasing gender equality understanding,how they were welcomed into their community, and more. (64 minutes)

Introduction to Peace Corps Serving in the Peace Corps is a great way to immerse yourself in a new culture, learn a new language, and have the experience of a lifetime. Join us at this information session to learn about Volunteer experiences, ask questions about service, and gain tips to guide you through the application process. (40 minutes)

Panel Discussion: What Volunteers Love Discover the diverse benefits of Peace Corps service from returned Volunteers. Join us to learn about the “4th goal,” the best memories volunteers took away from their country of service, and what they still hold in their hearts even years after service.  Watch now to hear the incredible stories of life and love during service from Returned Volunteers who served in Indonesia, Albania and South Africa as they talk about falling in love with their host families, their country of service and even another volunteer. (58 minutes)

Info Session: Agriculture Programs Apply your agriculture know-how overseas to help feed our world. The Peace Corps needs agriculture specialists to address global food security, conservation concerns and climate change issues at grassroots levels. Help improve a community’s livelihood and develop sustainable solutions, while gaining global skills for your career. Watch this agriculture-focused information session to learn about Volunteer experiences from former Agriculture volunteers themselves, why agriculture volunteers serve and how you can get involved. (63 minutes)

Info Session: Public Health Programs Care for our world through Peace Corps. Public Health specialists are needed to address issues of global maternal and child health, nutrition and hygiene, infectious and vaccine-preventable diseases, and more. Help improve a community’s basic healthcare and promote healthy behaviors, while gaining global skills for your career. View this session to learn about Volunteer experiences in Peru, Albania and Mongolia, how they impacted their communities and how their communities impacted them. (71 minutes)

Application Workshop Make your application stand out from the rest. View this workshop to learn how to strengthen your application by walking through the application with a recruiter. During the second half, you will learn about the application process and what happens after you click “submit” on your application.  (53 minutes)

Panel Discussion: World AIDS Day Volunteers in all sectors who serve around the world work towards the reduction of HIV/AIDS. In recognition of World AIDS Day, join us to learn about the projects, lessons, and events Peace Corps Volunteers have done to recognize this holiday from the Director of Global Health and HIV and the HIV Coordinator for Peace Corps Cameroon. Ask questions about service and get inspired to work towards a world free of HIV/AIDS. (37 minutes)

Service at Any Age Whether you’re fresh out of college, mid-career, or ready to retire, Peace Corps service is the opportunity of a lifetime. View this information session to learn answers to the top 5 common questions about serving in retirement and hear from a Volunteer’s experience in Mongolia at 65. (64 minutes)

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Leaving for Peace Corps   Congratulations on your invitation to Peace Corps! We know you have lots of questions and are unsure about what your future holds and hope to alleviate some of that and give you some insight from past volunteers.View “10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Leaving for Peace Corps” to hear from volunteers about what they wish they knew before their plane took off. We’ll hear what they have to say looking back on their services and how you can apply those lessons to your last days in America, your packing list and your first few months in your new home. (52 minutes)

l’ Experience Noire: Service in Africa l’Experience Noire is a platform for African American/Black currently serving and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers to share their life-defining experiences from Peace Corps service. This panel features a returned volunteer who served in South Africa who talks about her service, how it changed her, how it could change you and how she was able to break down stereotypes and barriers in her community. (59 minutes)

Latinos Serving Abroad  Hear what inspired Latino/a volunteers to live and volunteer Abroad spending 2.5 years abroad volunteering their time and skills. The panel is in Spanish so we encourage you to share this video with your family and friends so they can participate in the conversation.  Todos están invitado a participar y compartir con latinos que han servido como voluntarios con el Peace Corps (RPCV). Los RPCVs compartirá sus experiencias relacionado con lo que es vivir y trabajar en un país extranjero. Escuchen lo que los inspiraron a dedicar su tiempo y habilidades por dos años en una comunidad extranjera. Por favor, inviten a su familia y amigos a participar en la conversación! El evento va ser completamente en español. (60 minutes)

Teaching the Next Generation: Education in Peace Corps The First Week of May was Teacher’s Appreciation Week. All volunteers take part in educating the next generation but about 30% of all volunteers are specifically Education Volunteers. These volunteers play in important role in creating links among schools, parents and communities while developing their schools with many other projects. This session includes more information about serving as an education volunteer, what current opportunities there are to get involved in Peace Corps’ Education Sector and first-hand stories from two returned volunteers who taught in the Philippines and Namibia. (58 minutes)

Stories from the Field- Spotlight on Ethiopia What is it really like to be a Peace Corps Volunteer? PCVs love to tell stories, and hearing them can give you a unique perspective into the experience. Tune in to hear from three Peace Corps volunteers in Ethiopia as they share unique stories highlighting their experiences working in health, environmental education, and girls education.

For questions and additional information, contact Peace Corps Virtual Recruiter Emily Brandt.