Peace Corps Announces Corpus Christi, Texas, Recruiter


Today, the Peace Corps announced that Angela Hamilton will work as the Peace Corps recruiter for the Corpus Christi, Texas, community. This is the first time a full-time Peace Corps recruiter has been placed in the city.

Hamilton served as a youth development Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic from 2006-09, and again as a Peace Corps Response volunteer in Guatemala from 2013-14. Hamilton has been a Peace Corps recruiter for Kentucky and southern Indiana since February 2015, before moving to Corpus Christi this winter.

“Peace Corps recruiters are based in cities throughout the country to spread awareness and serve as a local, more accessible contact,” Hamilton said. “We recognized the potential for increased applications from diverse, skilled applicants from southern Texas. Corpus Christi is not only a diverse city, but a great base for travel to connect with other schools and communities, including The Valley and Laredo. I hope to capitalize on the high spirit for collaboration that exists here to build sustained partnerships and awareness about Peace Corps service opportunities.” Continue reading “Peace Corps Announces Corpus Christi, Texas, Recruiter”

Western Illinois University Celebrates 22 Years of Peace Corps Partnership with Two New Graduate Programs


The Peace Corps and Western Illinois University (WIU) today announced the addition of two new graduate degrees under their Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program. Now, students will be able to pursue graduate degrees in liberal arts and sciences, and community and economic development. Previously, WIU has offered a degree in rural community and economic development through their Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program, which has been a staple at the school for 22 years.

“We are delighted to partner with WIU to support our returned Volunteers as they pursue higher education and continue their commitment to service,” Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet. “Communities are moved forward by the selflessness of Volunteers, and returned Peace Corps Volunteers have unique skills and experiences to offer their local communities.” Continue reading “Western Illinois University Celebrates 22 Years of Peace Corps Partnership with Two New Graduate Programs”

Making A Difference With Agriculture, One Seed At A Time


Tia Sandoval wanted more than just an office job after graduation.

After studying abroad throughout her undergraduate career, she longed for more adventure and wonder. But it wasn’t until she sat down with her mother to discuss her post-grad opportunities that it all clicked.

“I was looking for a job that allowed me to travel,” Sandoval said. “After doing some research, I realized Peace Corps was that job. I could learn more about agriculture in Nepal, learn another language, and really integrate into another culture. My mom had always been supportive of my desire to be aboard and experience the world. She was integral in leading me toward the Peace Corps.” Continue reading “Making A Difference With Agriculture, One Seed At A Time”

Franklin College president applauds Peace Corps volunteers

Thomas J. Minar, the president of Franklin College of Franklin, Indiana, reflects on how the missions and goals of Franklin College and the Peace Corps overlap, and the opportunities service offers to Franklin graduates. 

President of Franklin College, Thomas Minar.

The mission of Franklin College is to “prepare graduates, through the liberal arts and sciences, to think independently, to lead responsibly, and to serve with integrity in their professions, their communities, and the world.” Continue reading “Franklin College president applauds Peace Corps volunteers”

Meet Your Peace Corps Recruiter: Flora Tano


Name: Flora Tano
Country of Service: China, 2013-15
Assignment:  Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Recruitment Territory: Chicagoland

When you applied where you did hope to go or hoped to do?
I had no particular preference; however, I assumed that being a native French speaker and from the Ivory Coast would automatically destine me for an African country.  I was wrong. Peace Corps had something else for me. Continue reading “Meet Your Peace Corps Recruiter: Flora Tano”

Peace Corps volunteer educates Tanzanian students through open discussion


Dating is not something that students in the rural villages of Tanzania would confess to doing; often times admitting so could lead to expulsion or a beating by an adult. Asking questions about sex is off-limits as well, but from her classroom in Tanzania, Peace Corps volunteer Steph Wester challenged these restrictions and fostered openness during her two years of international service.

“To end every class, I told the students that they could ask me anything they wanted about sex,” Wester said. “‘I’m not going to hit you, I’m not going to tell anyone,’ I would say.” Continue reading “Peace Corps volunteer educates Tanzanian students through open discussion”

Chicago BRPCVs meet monthly to connect over similar experiences


CHICAGO – The newly formed Black Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (BRPCV) group met last month for their monthly meeting in the Chicago area. The group meets regularly in an effort to stay connected with Peace Corps and other RPCVs, despite busy schedules and busy lives.

“The BRPCV Chicago group recognizes the need for African American and Black Returned Peace Corps volunteers to have a supported community that’s well-versed in living abroad as an African-American/Black Peace Corps volunteer,” said Natalie Felton, diversity recruiter for the Central Region and returned volunteer of Vanuatu 11-15. “The group aims to supply a support network for returned volunteers re-integrating into Chicago and provide and create platforms to share the African-American/Black Peace Corps experience with potential volunteers, as well as other returned volunteers.”

Felton created the BRPCV group in September 2015 to connect with fellow RPCVs in the Chicago-land area after she completed her Peace Corps service in 2015. The group’s next meeting is on Friday, February 12. Continue reading “Chicago BRPCVs meet monthly to connect over similar experiences”