Peace Corps Announces Corpus Christi, Texas, Recruiter


Today, the Peace Corps announced that Angela Hamilton will work as the Peace Corps recruiter for the Corpus Christi, Texas, community. This is the first time a full-time Peace Corps recruiter has been placed in the city.

Hamilton served as a youth development Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic from 2006-09, and again as a Peace Corps Response volunteer in Guatemala from 2013-14. Hamilton has been a Peace Corps recruiter for Kentucky and southern Indiana since February 2015, before moving to Corpus Christi this winter.

“Peace Corps recruiters are based in cities throughout the country to spread awareness and serve as a local, more accessible contact,” Hamilton said. “We recognized the potential for increased applications from diverse, skilled applicants from southern Texas. Corpus Christi is not only a diverse city, but a great base for travel to connect with other schools and communities, including The Valley and Laredo. I hope to capitalize on the high spirit for collaboration that exists here to build sustained partnerships and awareness about Peace Corps service opportunities.” Continue reading “Peace Corps Announces Corpus Christi, Texas, Recruiter”

Angela Hamilton – Kentucky & Southern Indiana

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Name: Angela Hamilton
Country of Service: Dominican Republic, 2006-2009
Peace Corps Response: Guatemala, 2013-2014
Recruitment Territory: Kentucky, Southern Indiana Continue reading “Angela Hamilton – Kentucky & Southern Indiana”

Returned Ukraine volunteer not done with Peace Corps, will serve again in Armenia

After more than 40 years of working as a professional architect, Mike Dixon of St. Charles, Ill., decided it was time to fulfill his lifelong dream and join the Peace Corps. As a community economic development volunteer in Ukraine from 2011-14, he enjoyed using his professional skills to make a difference in his local community. 

Since he returned to the Chicago area last March, Dixon has been giving presentations about Peace Corps and Ukraine. Dixon is so committed to Peace Corps that in February 2015 he will depart for a six-month position in Armenia with Peace Corps Response, which offers short-term assignments to returned Peace Corps volunteers and other experienced professionals. Below, he discusses why he decided to rejoin the Peace Corps and more about his experience in Ukraine. Continue reading “Returned Ukraine volunteer not done with Peace Corps, will serve again in Armenia”

College of Wooster, Peace Corps build partnership with new Prep Program

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Faculty, staff, and alumni from the College of Wooster joined Peace Corps Associate Director Helen Lowman and other staff to celebrate the school’s new Peace Corps Prep Program.

A new program at The College of Wooster is building on the school’s history with Peace Corps, helping more Wooster students prepare to make a difference as international volunteers.

Wooster now offers a Peace Corps Prep Program, which is coordinated through faculty members and in conjunction with the university’s Advising, Planning, Experiential Learning (APEX) program. The Prep Program consists of mentoring and advising, foreign language study, courses focusing on the developing world and on particular skill areas, and community service, internships or study abroad.  The program will help prepare students for work in international development, potentially with Peace Corps.

Wooster celebrated the program with a special dinner in November that brought together current students, college leadership, representatives from Peace Corps and returned volunteers. Peace Corps Associate Director of Volunteer Recruitment and Selection Helen Lowman spoke about recent reforms the agency has undertaken, and returned Peace Corps volunteers and College of Wooster graduates Jack and Angene Wilson spoke about the lasting impact their volunteer service has had on them.

Students are already beginning to enroll in the program. “We are a campus that has a long tradition of international education,” said Harry Gamble, a returned Peace Corps volunteer (Mali, 1992-94) and a faculty member on Wooster’s Prep Program committee. “Peace Corps really fits in well with Wooster’s mission and the kind of students we attract, who are really engaged and want to get out in the world and make a difference.” Continue reading “College of Wooster, Peace Corps build partnership with new Prep Program”

Faribault, Minn., resident begins Peace Corps Response assignment in Liberia


Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Amanda Miller, of Faribault, Minn., will depart Jan. 20 for a new position with Peace Corps Response, which matches returned volunteers and experienced professionals with short-term, high-impact assignments around the world.

Miller, 35, will make a difference working for 12 months in Liberia with a local nongovernmental organization that teaches young women sewing skills while also providing scholarships for schooling. The project provides income-generation opportunities and hands-on business experience as well as academic opportunities to the students. Continue reading “Faribault, Minn., resident begins Peace Corps Response assignment in Liberia”

St. Louis resident begins Peace Corps Response assignment in Ukraine


Jeannette Sanchez, 40, of St. Louis has been accepted into Peace Corps Response, a program within Peace Corps that matches qualified professionals with short-term, high-impact assignments around the world. Sanchez will depart for Ukraine Oct. 29 to begin training as an advocacy and education volunteer. Sanchez will make a difference working with a non-governmental organization in her local community for nine months.

“I wanted to give back,” Sanchez said. “I have always had a passion to make this world a better place, and I can see myself doing this in the Peace Corps.” Continue reading “St. Louis resident begins Peace Corps Response assignment in Ukraine”

With Peace Corps experience, UW-Madison alum launches a career in public health

Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Rebecca Hartz pictured in Zanzibar, where she traveled for work in 2011.

Rebecca Hartz was on a plane to begin her Peace Corps service in Niger three months after she graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a certain idea of her future in mind. She’d earned her bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology and a certificate in African Studies in May 2004 and felt her best career option would be to eventually pursue a PhD and become a professor. Instead, the skills and experiences she gained in two Peace Corps assignments led her to the field of public health and rewarding work with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that is now making a difference to the people of Africa in a whole new way.

“Peace Corps forced me out of my comfort zone in so many ways and made me realize that I am strong enough to handle a lot of things, both physical and mental,” Hartz, of Atlanta, said. “Now when I travel for work, I feel confident in almost all cultural situations knowing that I have the skills gained in Peace Corps.” Continue reading “With Peace Corps experience, UW-Madison alum launches a career in public health”