Erica Wherry – Alabama

Erica ericaWherry became a Regional Recruiter in October 2013. Previous to this position, she worked as the Administrative Support Clerk for the recruiting office for six months. She served in the Peace Corps as an Education volunteer from July 2010 until September 2012.  Erica was assigned to the small, rural village of Vondrozo in Southeastern Madagascar where her primary assignment was to teach English as a Foreign Language to students at both the local middle and high schools.

Through her Peace Corps service, Erica has realized living a life in service to others is most rewarding for her, believing it leads to a fuller, happier existence. Working for the Peace Corps allows her to continue to live out her passion of being a public servant.  Erica is from Decatur, Georgia and received a bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Spelman College in Atlanta.  Erica can be reached by email at