Sutton, West Virginia, resident begins Peace Corps service in Togo


Timothy Bedunah, 22, of Sutton, West Virginia, has been accepted into the Peace Corps and will depart for Togo on June 8 to begin training as a secondary education English teacher. Bedunah will work at the community level to train new English teachers on techniques to employ in the classroom and create a community of practice among his counterparts. He will also work closely with the English and gender education project in collaboration with other volunteers to organize girls’ conferences, youth camps and vacation enterprise activities within his community.

“I have always felt a calling to do service abroad—I suppose that I have the foreign language major to thank for that,” said Bedunah. “I have always known about the Peace Corps and kept it in the back of my mind. I love the idea of being able to completely assimilate myself into a new culture and community. I love that I will be able to teach people about America, and then teach Americans about other parts of the world when I return.”  Continue reading “Sutton, West Virginia, resident begins Peace Corps service in Togo”