Meet Your Peace Corps Central Recruiter: Krista Mastel

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Name: Krista Mastel
Country of Service: Mongolia, 2011-2014
Assignment: English Education, Health
Recruitment Territory: Northwest Minnesota, North Dakota

Why did you apply to the Peace Corps?
I joined the Peace Corps largely because I wanted to share my skills while traveling. With my background in anthropology I had an appreciation for diverse cultures but had yet to gain first-hand experience living and working abroad. Peace Corps gave me the opportunity to share my skills overseas while also allowing me to gain the cross-culture experience I was looking for. Continue reading “Meet Your Peace Corps Central Recruiter: Krista Mastel”

Minnesota, Twin Cities rank as top producers of Peace Corps volunteers in 2013

Klein.Jennifer and Cook.Joshua_St. Paul MN
St. Paul residents Joshua Cook and Jennifer Klein are serving as Peace Corps volunteers in Ethiopia.

CHICAGO — Minnesota again this year ranks among the top-producing states, per capita, for Peace Corps volunteers. Currently, Minnesota produces 3.8 volunteers for every 100,000 state residents, making it No. 8 among states per capita in 2013.

Minnesota also ranks No. 13 among all states in total volunteers produced, with 206 currently serving Peace Corps volunteers calling Minnesota home.

Within Minnesota, the Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington area is home to 150 active Peace Corps volunteers and ranks No. 9 among metropolitan areas nationwide in total Peace Corps volunteers produced. Continue reading “Minnesota, Twin Cities rank as top producers of Peace Corps volunteers in 2013”