Meet your Peace Corps Central Recruiter: Brian Green

CR Santa Marta kids

Name: Brian Green
Country of Service: Costa Rica, 2003-05
Assignment: Rural Community Development
Recruitment Territory: Minnesota, South Dakota

Why were you interested in serving?
I’ve always had a volunteering spirit. After studying abroad in Mexico, I developed a love for international travel as well. Once I learned that Peace Corps combined these two passions I was hooked.

What did you enjoy most about your country of service?
I was very close with my host family during the three months of training; they treated me like one of their own. It was a house filled with lots of love, food and jokes. Even after I moved away to officially start my two years of service, I often returned to visit them. My American family came to visit during my service, and I took them to meet my Costa Rican family. While my American family spoke no Spanish, it was obvious to them that I was in good hands.

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Faribault, Minn., resident begins Peace Corps Response assignment in Liberia


Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Amanda Miller, of Faribault, Minn., will depart Jan. 20 for a new position with Peace Corps Response, which matches returned volunteers and experienced professionals with short-term, high-impact assignments around the world.

Miller, 35, will make a difference working for 12 months in Liberia with a local nongovernmental organization that teaches young women sewing skills while also providing scholarships for schooling. The project provides income-generation opportunities and hands-on business experience as well as academic opportunities to the students. Continue reading “Faribault, Minn., resident begins Peace Corps Response assignment in Liberia”

Minnesota Peace Corps volunteer encourages cultural exchange with Halloween activities

Peace Corps volunteer Sara Scholin with students in Macdeonia.

Peace Corps volunteers worldwide are teaching community members about American Halloween traditions, exemplifying the Peace Corps’ goal of promoting a better understanding of Americans on the part of people served. Below is an example of how one volunteer in Macedonia shared American Halloween traditions with her students.

Peace Corps volunteer Sara Scholin of Pine City, Minn., recently collaborated with two teachers from the local primary school in her Macedonian community to host a three-day Halloween celebration for nearly 500 students in fifth through eighth grade. During the celebration, students learned about the basic history of Halloween and participated in traditional Halloween activities. Continue reading “Minnesota Peace Corps volunteer encourages cultural exchange with Halloween activities”

Cambridge, Minn., resident begins Peace Corps service in China


Kristina Marie Fosse, 21, of Cambridge, Minn., has been accepted into the Peace Corps and will depart for China June 27 to begin training as an English education volunteer. Fosse will make a difference teaching conversational and content-based English in middle and high schools.

Fosse first began to consider Peace Corps service in high school as her interest in travel and learning about the world began to develop.

“The extensive language training Peace Corps provides was another aspect that intrigued me,” she said. “I’ve always loved learning new languages; I studied German in high school and Arabic for a bit in college.” Continue reading “Cambridge, Minn., resident begins Peace Corps service in China”

Returned Peace Corps Volunteer wins reporting trip with New York Times journalist

Peace Corps Volunteer Erin Luhmann, with children in her Kyrgyz community.

If you were to ask Erin Luhmann about the benefits of her two-year Peace Corps service in Kyrgyz Republic, she’d likely tell you how rewarding it was to replace outdated Soviet texts with new English books that introduced innovative teaching strategies. She’d mention the joy she got watching her students onstage, dressed in full-body costumes as folklore characters, performing an original play she helped stage with a local counterpart passionate about theater.

In short, she would tell you about the personal satisfaction that comes with a job well done. But now, two-and-a-half years after Luhmann completed her service as a secondary education English teaching volunteer, Peace Corps is again making a difference in her life, by playing a role in her next great adventure.

Aided by her international experience, tireless work ethic, and natural curiosity about the world, Luhmann, a journalism graduate student at University of Wisconsin-Madison, has bested some 700 other applicants in New York Times columnist and reporter Nicholas Kristof’s annual win-a-trip contest. Kristof has been taking a student journalist on a reporting trip since 2006 to generate interest in global poverty, health, and social justice. Erin will blog and produce video for the New York Times website during the trip, which will probably be to Africa this summer or early fall. Continue reading “Returned Peace Corps Volunteer wins reporting trip with New York Times journalist”