Meet your Peace Corps Recruiter: Michael Gall


Name: Michael Gall
Country of Service: Micronesia, 2007-09
Assignment: Teaching English as a Second Language & Community Development Resource
Recruitment Territory: East Michigan

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Passion for service continues to motivate returned Peace Corps volunteer

HQ 2012-0920-RollinJohnson
Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Rollin G. Johnson Jr. (center), now the director of Community Partnerships for the Ginsberg Center at the University of Michigan, received the Franklin H. Williams Award in 2012 for his commitment to Peace Corps’ Third Goal.

A professor encouraged Rollin G. Johnson Jr. to apply for Peace Corps because he felt like his student had the right temperament; Rollin’s mother had always urged her son to explore the world. With this support, Rollin applied and departed for service as an economic development volunteer in Nepal in 2003, soon after graduating from Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colo., with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He found his business background put to good use working at a bank in his Nepali community, implementing strategies to retain clients and create efficiencies. He noticed early on that although nearly all of the bank’s clients were women, few of its employees were.

“If we want to be successful, represent the clients we serve, and have advocates internally, how do we bring more women on board?” Rollin asked, describing his efforts to create employment opportunities for women in his community at the local bank. This was one of the many ways Rollin was able to make a difference for his community. Continue reading “Passion for service continues to motivate returned Peace Corps volunteer”