Ann Arbor residents begin Peace Corps service in Vanuatu

Cullen.Alexis and Steven_Vanuatu

Watching her seventh-grade science teacher in Troy, Mich., share photos and stories from his Peace Corps service ignited a desire in Alexis Cullen to join the Peace Corps herself one day. Some 15 years later, her dream is coming to fruition alongside her husband, Steven. The Ann Arbor residents will depart Jan. 23 to begin training in Vanuatu, where they will live and work at the community level during their 27-month international assignment.

As an English education volunteer, Steven, 27, will teach conversational and content-based English to middle- and high-school students. Alexis, 29, will help local health workers teach community members about maternal and child health, basic nutrition and sanitation, and other pressing health issues. Continue reading “Ann Arbor residents begin Peace Corps service in Vanuatu”