Lansing, Michigan Resident Departs for Peace Corps Service

Green1Miles Green, 25, of Lansing, Michigan, has been accepted into the Peace Corps and will depart for Ukraine on March 13 to begin training as a youth in development volunteer. Green will work in secondary institutions, sports departments, and rehabilitation centers to provide Ukrainian youth from underserved communities with knowledge and skills to integrate into a global community and live healthy, meaningful lives.

“After looking into the Peace Corps and educating myself on the mission and focus, I quickly learned that this program would be the perfect challenge that would enable me to flex the skills I have acquired during my working career,” said Green. I also hope that I will be gaining valuable life experience while immersing myself in a new culture and sharing my own.”

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Michigan Resident Marks Peace Corps Service Off Bucket List

Joining the Peace Corps had always been on Rebecca McCroskey’s bucket list, but life always seemed to get in the way. But after raising two children and forging a successful 40 year career, McCroskey is finally ready to cross it off her bucket list. On March 10, McCroskey will depart for Jamaica to begin training as an environment/agro-forestry Volunteer and will work with local organizations and schools to educate her community about sustainable lifestyles.

“My years on the planet have given me a level of confidence I couldn’t have possessed in my 20s. Kids, jobs, relocation, disease, divorce and death – life takes guts,” she said. “I have boldly jumped off lots of cliffs, and I’ve been pushed off a couple as well. This assignment will become another chapter in my personal microcosmic study.” Continue reading “Michigan Resident Marks Peace Corps Service Off Bucket List”

Michigan Ranks Among Peace Corps’ Top Volunteer-Producing States in 2016


Today, Peace Corps announced that Michigan ranks No. 10 among states with the highest number of Peace Corps volunteers. There are 239 volunteers from Michigan currently serving worldwide, and 7,376 Michigan residents have served in the Peace Corps since the agency’s founding in 1961.

“During my time leading the Peace Corps, I have seen the tremendous impact that volunteers have when they share their unique hometown perspectives with the communities they serve,” said Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet. “Volunteers represent our nation’s rich diversity by coming from all corners of the U.S. They are able to share our nation’s rich cultural heritage with communities around the world, leaving a legacy of peace and friendship that is timeless.”

This year marks Michigan’s return to the top 10 rankings since their last appearance in 2013. Earlier this year, the University of Michigan ranked among the top 10 large undergraduate schools and top five graduate schools in producing the most Peace Corps volunteers. Michigan volunteers are among the more than 225,000 Americans who have served around the world as agriculture, community economic development, education, environment, health and youth in development volunteers since 1961.  Continue reading “Michigan Ranks Among Peace Corps’ Top Volunteer-Producing States in 2016”

On-Campus Recruiters Unite To Bring Peace Corps To Michigan State

Emily Weiss is one of the two on-campus Peace Corps recruiters at Michigan State University.

While serving in the Peace Corps, Emily Weiss didn’t have a road map to success or a list tasks to mark off her check list each day. She didn’t have a “How-to Manual” on becoming a Peace Corps Volunteer.

All Emily had was her passion and 27 months to make a lasting impact on her community in Guinea.

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From Peace Corps Volunteer To Professor


When Dr. Kristin Hedges left for Kenya to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer, she thought she was going to save the world. Looking back sixteen years later, she had it backwards.

Through finding herself, living in a new community and making lifelong friendships, it was Peace Corps that saved her. Continue reading “From Peace Corps Volunteer To Professor”

Parents’ Love Story Inspires Daughter To Join Peace Corps

Tracy’s parents were married in Colombia in 1980, nearly a year after meeting. Still married today, the two are proud to send their daughter to the Peace Corps.

Peace Corps has always been in Alexandra Tracy’s blood. For almost her entire life, her parents have replayed their love story for her – painting the picture of how they met in Colombia in 1978, when her father was a Peace Corps Volunteer.

Coming from two completely different worlds, Tracy’s father thirsted for adventure after graduating from college, and her mother, a Colombia resident, was looking for the same. It was during his pre-service training in Bogota, Colombia, when he was placed with a host family that he met the love of his life. Nearly a year later, the two were married in Colombia and they eventually forged a life together back in the U.S.

Their love story, amongst other things, inspired Tracy, 28, to serve also in Colombia with her husband.

“My husband (then fiancé) and I got the acceptance email on the same day. We applied together, but we weren’t at the same location. We were so happy that we called each other,” said the Michigan native. Continue reading “Parents’ Love Story Inspires Daughter To Join Peace Corps”

Creating healthy homes: Illinois native inspires families in Peru to adopt healthy behaviors

KHanson PC4When Kate Hanson, a Peace Corps Volunteer in Peru, began planning her Healthy Homes project, meant to improve general health throughout her community, she anticipated participation from the families to wane throughout its eight-week duration. Other volunteers who had done similar projects told her many families lose motivation after a few weeks, with sometimes less than half completing the program.

However, Kate started with 54 families and ended with 54 families.

“When I look back on my service, the Healthy Homes project is definitely the project I am most proud of,” said Hanson, 25. “I think it speaks to the incredible team I was working with and the families themselves.” Continue reading “Creating healthy homes: Illinois native inspires families in Peru to adopt healthy behaviors”