Indianapolis native begins Peace Corps service in South Africa

Wellington_SouthAfrica_1 20 2015

Katie Wellington, 27, of Indianapolis has been accepted into the Peace Corps and will depart for South Africa Jan. 20 to begin training as a health volunteer. Wellington will live and work at the community level to make a difference raising awareness about the need for education. She will organize projects dedicated to issues such as maternal and child health, basic nutrition, sanitation, oral re-hydration therapy, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

“As a registered dietitian, I will be working with the people of South Africa as a health volunteer with our primary goal to combat malnutrition and the HIV/AIDS endemic that plagues the country’s people,” Wellington said. Continue reading “Indianapolis native begins Peace Corps service in South Africa”

Midwest Peace Corps volunteers participate in 150-mile journey to educate Ethiopians about HIV/AIDS

Tigray Trek 2

For seven days, Margaret Wilder, of Berea, Ky., traveled 150 miles through Ethiopia to talk to locals about HIV/AIDS. To get from community to community, she ran.

Wilder was one of 20 Peace Corps volunteers in Ethiopia to participate in the 242-kilometer journey through the country’s Tigray region, beginning Sept. 12. The main of goal of the seven-day journey, called the Tigray Trek, was to educate community members about the causes, prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS and raise money for continued awareness projects. Volunteers partnered with local organizations to lead nine educational sessions and empower youth to take action in their communities.

“Many of the communities have had endless HIV awareness efforts, but this was a different take on it,” said Kristen Craig, a Peace Corps volunteer who led sessions in communities along the route. “It was also important for the Peace Corps to make itself known in cities where volunteers may not be. The sessions not only focused on HIV awareness, but included helpful information for those who are affected by the virus.” Continue reading “Midwest Peace Corps volunteers participate in 150-mile journey to educate Ethiopians about HIV/AIDS”