Bellefontaine, Ohio, native begins Peace Corps service in Timor-Leste

Coughlin. Alayna_TimorLeste

Alayna Coughlin, 23, of Bellefontaine, Ohio, has been accepted into the Peace Corps and will depart for Timor-Leste Oct. 6 to begin training as a community services volunteer. Coughlin will live and work at the community level teaching life and leadership skills, organizing nutritional activities and leading sanitation and hygiene education efforts.

“I was looking for an experience where I could totally immerse myself in the culture and learn from others as much as I teach, and I feel as if the Peace Corps is the best program to provide that,” said Coughlin. Continue reading “Bellefontaine, Ohio, native begins Peace Corps service in Timor-Leste”

Wilmore, Ky., resident begins Peace Corps service in Ghana


Peace Corps volunteers often inspire others to serve after they return to the U.S., but in the late ‘90s, a volunteer made a connection while she was still in Kenya that put a young man on the path toward his own life-changing adventure. Wilmore, Ky., resident Ian Powdrill spent 10 years of his childhood in Kenya, where his father worked as an eye surgeon and his mother was a nurse and teacher at a hospital.

“Living in a town nearby to ours, the volunteer became a friend of our family, coming over to the house for meals, laundry, and a hot shower,” Powdrill said. “I visited her, too, from time to time, and was impressed by her resourcefulness and independence, as well as her interdependence with the community.”

Fifteen years later, Powdrill, 29, has been accepted into the Peace Corps himself and will depart for Ghana Sept. 30 to begin training as an agriculture volunteer. Powdrill will make a difference increasing food security through increased agricultural productivity and economic activity, improved nutrition, sustained environmental conservation, and accelerated participation of the poor in rural growth. Continue reading “Wilmore, Ky., resident begins Peace Corps service in Ghana”