From campus ambassador to Peace Corps Volunteer


Amanda Higbee always knew that she wanted to join the Peace Corps after college. As a communications major at Trine University, Higbee was inspired by the first-hand testimonials of returned Peace Corps Volunteers. So when an internship opportunity with the Peace Corps became available on campus, she leaped at the chance to inspire the next generation of Volunteers.

“When I saw information about the campus ambassador program on Twitter it was a relatively new program,” Higbee said. “I knew that the Peace Corps was something I was very interested in, and I thought the program would be a good way to learn more about Peace Corps service as well as get to know some recruiters and returned Volunteers.” Continue reading “From campus ambassador to Peace Corps Volunteer”

Meet Your Peace Corps Recruiter: Bryce Rinkenberger

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Name: Bryce Rinkenberger
Country of Service: Paraguay, 2011-2013
Assignment: Agriculture
Recruitment Territory: West Michigan Continue reading “Meet Your Peace Corps Recruiter: Bryce Rinkenberger”