Ryan Cairns – Iowa


Name:  Ryan Cairns.
Country of Service: Bulgaria, 2009-11
Assignment: Business Development
Recruitment Territory: Iowa

Why were you interested in serving?
I was interested in serving with the Peace Corps because I wanted to gain more international experience  and build on my earlier experiences overseas in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

What did you enjoy most about your country of service?
Building working relationships and friendships with my colleagues at the municipal office and non-governmental organization where I worked was an aspect of my service that I enjoyed most. It was interesting to get to know all of them. I still talk to many of them today.

What were some of the greatest benefits of serving?
The greatest benefit of my service was the ability to gain experience with cross-cultural understanding and the acquisition of a foreign language.

Why do you enjoy being a recruiter?
I enjoy being a recruiter because it provides an opportunity to talk to not only students but the public at large about opportunities to live, learn and work overseas, which can be a life-defining experience for anyone.

Why should someone apply to serve?
I believe that people should apply to become volunteers to answer the call of service to their country.

Search current event listings and sign up for more info to receive notices about Peace Corps events near you. Questions about life as a volunteer or the application process? Contact Ryan directly at rcairns@peacecorps.gov.

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