Brian Green – Minnesota & South Dakota

CR Santa Marta kids

Name: Brian Green
Country of Service: Costa Rica, 2003-05
Assignment: Rural Community Development
Recruitment Territory: Minnesota, South Dakota
Why were you interested in serving?

I’ve always had a volunteering spirit. After studying abroad in Mexico, I developed a love for international travel as well. Once I learned that Peace Corps combined these two passions I was hooked.

What did you enjoy most about your country of service?

I was very close with my host family during the three months of training; they treated me like one of their own. It was a house filled with lots of love, food and jokes. Even after I moved away to officially start my two years of service, I often returned to visit them. My American family came to visit during my service, and I took them to meet my Costa Rican family. While my American family spoke no Spanish, it was obvious to them that I was in good hands.

What was one of the greatest benefits of serving?

I can’t think of too many things that have challenged me more. Whether it was trying to navigate around the country, the conditions or the culture, I felt I was constantly being stretched. It’s a real confidence boost, and I remember leaving Peace Corps feeling like I could do anything.

Why should someone apply to serve?

You have something to offer a community abroad.  And while you’re abroad helping, you’ll get this wonderful education about the world and your place in it, all free of charge. If that’s not enough, Peace Corps offers an impressive amount of professional and financial benefits. To me, that’s much more valuable than two years at some entry-level job here in America.

Fun Facts about Brian

1) Brian has lived, worked, or traveled in 20 countries, including:

  • Teaching English for three years in Busan, South Korea
  • Teaching salsa dancing to Burmese refugees in a Thai refugee camp
  • Spending 10 days at a silent meditation retreat in South Korea
  • Helping to build a farmhouse in rural Honduras

2) This is Brian’s second stint as a recruiter with Peace Corps. He was a regional recruiter in Minneapolis from 2005-08.

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