Holly Van Groll – Houston, Texas


Name: Holly Van Groll

Recruiting Area: Houston, Texas and surrounding areas

Years of Service: 2013-2015

Country of Service: Zambia

What type of work did you do in Peace Corps? I served as a Rural Aquaculture Extension Agent, which means I taught people how to farm fish!

What was the most unusual food or custom you encountered? The most unusual food that I encountered was mice! I was never brave enough to try it. 😄

Describe a defining event during your service. A defining event would be the first time we harvested fish from my host mom’s fish pond. She was a first time fish farmer and it was the beginning of a lucrative project for her and her family.

One thing you want people to know about Peace Corps. I want people to know that Peace Corps is an incredibly unique, and defining life experience that has a lot to offer both personally and professionally.

E-mail hvangroll@peacecorps.gov