Peace Corps Marches In Dallas Pride Parade


Thousands came out to celebrate the 2016 Dallas Pride Parade September 18 – including Peace Corps recruiters, returned Peace Corps Volunteers and staff members, whose inspirational anecdotes seasoned the celebration with a service-filled flavor.

“Marching in a parade is so much fun,” said Michael Madej, Peace Corps recruiter. “People were genuinely excited to hear about Peace Corps’ LGBQT initiatives and trainings.”

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Purdue Graduate Excels as Peace Corps Agriculture Volunteer

Name: Caroline Schier

Major:  Environmental and Natural Resource Engineering

School: Purdue University

Sector: Agriculture

Although agriculture is the primary economic activity in most countries, many communities are still not able to produce enough food, manage their water supply or implement sustainable practices for the future generations to follow. Peace Corps sends highly skilled and dedicated Volunteers out into the field to help communities combat some of these issues.

Get to know Peace Corps Volunteer, Caroline Shier, a 2014 Purdue University graduate, who is currently serving as an agriculture extension Volunteer in Zambia. Continue reading “Purdue Graduate Excels as Peace Corps Agriculture Volunteer”

Purdue University Announces New Peace Corps Prep Program

Peace Corps and Purdue University announced a new partnership that will offer students a unique combination of undergraduate coursework and community service that prepares them for an international career.

Purdue University students will be able to apply to the new Peace Corps Prep program for enrollment beginning in the fall semester of 2016.

“Students today have a passion for service and are interested in not just imagining a better world, but rolling up their sleeves and doing something about it,” said Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet. “Through the Peace Corps Prep program, students at Purdue University can develop skills specifically targeted to Peace Corps service and careers in the international development and service communities.” Continue reading “Purdue University Announces New Peace Corps Prep Program”

From Peace Corps Volunteer To Professor


When Dr. Kristin Hedges left for Kenya to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer, she thought she was going to save the world. Looking back sixteen years later, she had it backwards.

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Alma, Kansas, Resident Begins Peace Corps Service in Morocco


Kayla Anderson, 26, of Alma, Kansas, has been accepted into the Peace Corps and will depart for Morocco on September 21 to begin training as a secondary education English teacher. Anderson will work at the community level to teach lifestyle, leadership, employability and entrepreneurship skills to youth within women and youth centers throughout her town.

“I’ve searched for quite some time for an organization that I could develop professionally, socially, mentally, and physically and I’m always led back to the Peace Corps,” Anderson said.“I’ve known since I was 14 years-old that I would apply for the Peace Corps. The more I learned about different cultures and global issues in my international studies classes, the more I realized how badly I wanted to help other cultures thrive with the skills I possessed.”

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Flower Mound, Texas, Resident Begins Peace Corps Service in Ukraine


Name: Ian Blair

City: Flower Mound, Texas

Major: Religious Studies

School: Lewis & Clark College

Ian Blair, 22, of Flower Mound, Texas, has been accepted into the Peace Corps and will depart for Ukraine on September 19 to begin training as a secondary education English teacher. In collaboration with Ukrainian partners, Blair will develop after-school and summer youth programs for students and teachers. He will also help develop an English summer language school, a project initiated by the ministry of education and science of Ukraine in 2015.

“I’m partly Ukrainian through my mother and felt more comfortable volunteering in a place where I had roots,” Blair said. “I’m hoping to find out more about my heritage as well as making a language, as difficult as English, fun and engaging.” Continue reading “Flower Mound, Texas, Resident Begins Peace Corps Service in Ukraine”

Memphis Resident Begins Peace Corps Service in Tonga


Name: Thomas Ercoli

City: Memphis, Tennessee

Major: Education

School:University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa

Thomas Ercoli, 21, of Memphis, Tennessee, has been accepted into the Peace Corps and will depart for Tonga on August 29 to begin training as an English literacy volunteer. Ercoli will live and work in a community to improve English education techniques.

“I was attracted to the Peace Corps because I want to make a difference in the world,” Ercoli said. “I plan to use Peace Corps to launch a life of serving the world through education.” Continue reading “Memphis Resident Begins Peace Corps Service in Tonga”