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Tình Nguyện – Việc Làm Mang Giá Trị Nhân Văn Sâu Sắc

Tình nguyện chắp cánh ước mơ sẽ là cánh cửa lớn trong công cuộc tạo nên giá trị cho bạn. “Sống trên đời sống cần có một tấm lòng”. Đó là những câu hát du dương của những… Read More

Columbus, Ind., native departs for Peace Corps Ecuador

The world is Tim Hofmeister’s classroom and for 27 months there are no boundaries that he will not cross. The Columbus, Ind., native will depart on Jan. 26 for Ecuador to begin training as a secondary education English… Read More

Meet Your Peace Corps Recruiter: Bryce Rinkenberger

Name: Bryce Rinkenberger Country of Service: Paraguay, 2011-2013 Assignment: Agriculture Recruitment Territory: West Michigan 10 Things Gained from my Peace Corps Service 10. A Second Home Before service I probably wouldn’t have selected Paraguay on my own, but… Read More

Meet Your Peace Corps Recruiter: Jason Lemberg

“People join Peace Corps for many, many reasons. My reasoning for joining was really quite selfish. I was so turned to Peace Corps knowing it would allow me to experience the ups and downs of living in a… Read More