Jasper, Ind., native departs for Peace Corps

Espinosa.Alex_TheGambiaBy the time Alex Espinosa entered high school he had moved a total of seven times, accumulating to seven homes, five cities and two countries.

Change is not something Espinosa fears, in fact it prepared him in making one of the biggest decisions of his life: to join the Peace Corps. On Oct. 10, he will depart for The Gambia, in West Africa, to begin serving as an agriculture extension volunteer. Continue reading

RPCV Resource Center in Chicago – Upcoming Events


Adjusting to life after Peace Corps can sometimes present unique challenges and big decisions, but Peace Corps’ Midwest Regional Office is here to help. The RPCV Resource Center, located in our downtown Chicago office, is a space for returned volunteers to connect and make new friends, find Third Goal opportunities, and receive job search support. This is a special space just for returned volunteers, so let us know how you’d like to use it!

Join us for these ongoing events at the RPCV Resource Center: Continue reading

Canton, Mich., native begins Peace Corps service in The Gambia

Alber. Kate_TheGambia

Katrina Alber, 25, of Canton, Mich., has been accepted into the Peace Corps and will depart for The Gambia on Oct. 10 to begin training as a health extension volunteer. Alber will live and work at the community level to educate her community about best practices and behaviors in order to maintain optimal health. She will also work with her community to raise awareness about malaria and help improve water systems and sanitation practices.

“I have felt compelled to be a public servant my entire life, and to help those who do not yet have the resources to help themselves,” said Alber. “I believe the entire goal of my education is to provide the knowledge and tools that people need to be healthy. Health is a human right.” Continue reading

Bellefontaine, Ohio, native begins Peace Corps service in Timor-Leste

Coughlin. Alayna_TimorLeste

Alayna Coughlin, 23, of Bellefontaine, Ohio, has been accepted into the Peace Corps and will depart for Timor-Leste Oct. 6 to begin training as a community services volunteer. Coughlin will live and work at the community level teaching life and leadership skills, organizing nutritional activities and leading sanitation and hygiene education efforts.

“I was looking for an experience where I could totally immerse myself in the culture and learn from others as much as I teach, and I feel as if the Peace Corps is the best program to provide that,” said Coughlin. Continue reading

Ten years in the making: Illinois native leaves for Peace Corps


Theodore Vernon decided to join the Peace Corps a long time ago. It was a decision he made in the eighth grade after hearing the captivating tales of his teacher’s service in the Peace Corps during the 1960s.

Ten years later, he still holds on to that initial moment in the classroom, and on Oct. 2, Vernon will leave for the Peace Corps to begin his training as an agriculture advisor volunteer in Ghana. Continue reading

McFarland, Wis., native begins Peace Corps service in Senegal

Hickey. James_Senegal

James Hickey, 22, of McFarland, Wis., has been accepted into the Peace Corps and will depart for Senegal Sept. 26 to begin training as an urban agriculture volunteer. Hickey will live and work at the community level to increase his community’s crop production by promoting improved agricultural methods. He will also protect crops from insect and pest damage through sustainable agricultural practices.

“I was attracted to the Peace Corps because of the opportunity to provide hands-on service to others in areas of development and agriculture,” Hickey said. “In addition, I liked the idea of participating in the mutual exchange of culture.” Continue reading

Shaker Heights, Ohio, native begins Peace Corps service in Paraguay

Brachna.Jonathan_ParaguayJonathan Brachna, 23, of Shaker Heights, Ohio, has been accepted into the Peace Corps and will depart for Paraguay on Sept. 22 to begin training as an agricultural extension volunteer. Brachna will live and work at the community level assisting farmers and their families in understanding and implementing sustainable food production systems. He will also help identify resources that can be utilized to meet the community’s needs to increase food consumption and income generation.

“The Peace Corps is something that has always been a lifelong ambition of mine,” Brachna said. “Ever since I was young, my father told me stories of his travels through Africa, Europe and Central and South America. The opportunity to help those in need and environmental work always grabbed my attention.” Continue reading